What does the article assume its readers to know about the religion in question?… 1 answer below »

Media analyses assignment

As you read it Moni Basu, "15 years after 9/11, Sikhs still victims of anti-Muslim hate crimes." CNN Wire Service, Atlanta. 14 Sep. 2016. keep in mind the following questions:

– What does the article assume its readers to know about the religion in question?

– Who does the assumed audience seem to be? Given this, do you think the article provides an

appropriate amount of background information? Too much? Too little?

– What impression, if any, does the article give of the religious community, idea, or practice that

forms its subject matter?

– To whom, if anyone, would you recommend the article, and why

Your three-page paper should focus on the last of these presentation points, i.e., religious studies methods and practices. How do these differ from the perspectives used in the article? (That they differ does not imply a negative judgment – religion relates to news topics that can be presented accurately in terms of politics, economics, etc.) How might the article be different if religious studies were its perspective? What methods would be especially relevant? How might the incorporation of some religious studies perspectives improve the article – and what other information might be lost to “make room” for more religious studies content in the same article length? What trade-offs do you think would be worthwhile for the purposes of maximizing meaningful communication.

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