What is a Governess?

Your Company will hold a national convention of all of the Executive Staff Members from all 15 locations of the company in the United States next week. The CIO has selected “Cyber Security Awareness” as the topic and has chosen you to write and deliver the presentation at one of the Executive Round Table Meetings at the convention.
The CIO has stressed to use creativity to make the presentation as interesting as possible. This can be done with the use of graphics, appropriate animation, and/or charts. The presentation should be 15 to 20 slides with detailed speaker notes or transcription of narration.
The CIO is insisting the presentation touch on a list of topics that must be included in the presentation. No research quotes are allowed and it must be in your own words with no acronyms.
The staff members would also like to receive a one-page “take-away document” summarizing the presentation.
Include the following in your presentation and take-away document:
Determination of what needs protecting
Type of network protection
What is a Governess? (Importance, designing, control, structures, developing the process, planning)
Security and Return on Investment (ROI)
Control Objectives/Business Goals
Observation + Quantitative Strategies = Making Informed Decisions
Why is Alignment and Control important?
Why does strategic management have to be approached from top-to-bottom?
Human Factor in Security/Role of the workforce
Training, Awareness, and Motivation
What is Motivation? Why is it so important for an IT Security Program?
Knowledgeable Workforce (Awareness of Cyber Security Issues)
Training is a constant evolution
Situation specific skills are good, but what is better?
Capability Maturity Process (Recognition, Informal Practice, Security Management, Deliberate Control)
Ensuring continuous effectiveness and review of the training and awareness programs
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
Third-Party Vendors, pros and cons
Backups (full, copy, incremental, and differential)
Redundancy methods and cost considerations
Note: The above topics can be arranged in any order you would like, but make sure all are included.

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