What is the float time?

You have been asked to develop a marketing plan for your company’s new product line. You have 15 days to complete the plan.
Click here to view a list of activities that need to be completed.
Based on the given data, perform the following tasks:
Draw the network diagram using MS Project.
What is the critical path?
What is the float time?
Can you complete the plan on time with this schedule? If not, explain the adjustments to the schedule that will allow you to complete on time.
Submission Requirements:
Submit the schedule upon completion. Ensure that you have correctly named the Microsoft Project file as yourname_analysis_week_9.mpp.
Ensure that the file size of the document does not exceed 1 MB. If it does, compress the file by using a compression software program before submitting the file.
Zip your file using the default compression utility. To zip your document, right-click the file, bring your mouse cursor over Send To, and click Compressed (zipped) File. Submit the zipped file to your instructor as an attachment through the Questa Learning Plan.
Evaluation Criteria:
Click here to view the grading rubric for this analysis. Your submission will be evaluated against the following criteria using the grading rubric:
Did you identify whether it is possible to complete the plan on time?
Did you include the critical path?
Did you include the float time?

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