What is the ultimate goal of the fulfillment business process ?

In addition 
Describe the possible scenarios for stock transfers.
Explain the financial accounting impact of goods movements in the IM.

  • What is  the ultimate goal of the fulfillment business process ?
  • The organizational levels associated with the fulfillment process show the specificity of its goal and still its openness to other business processes; how that appear to you ?
  • What is backward scheduling?
  • What are  the steps of the fulfillment process that have financial impacts ?
  • What is the transfer requirement and what are the two steps in the production process leading to generate the transfer requirement?
  • What is storage bins, and what is the relationship between bin and quant?



Menna  school apron is a workshop where girl school aprons are designed and sewed. Also accessories are sold. These accessories, in form of packets of items collected together, are imported from an Egyptian enterprise. An apron costs 60SAR and an accessories packet costs 20SAR

Alb-Baraka social association is buying, from Menna  school apron, 20 girl school aprons  and 20 packets of accessories; an apron is sold at 90SAR and an accessories packet costs 30SAR.

Record financial impacts of these goods’ shipping, billing and payment.


Identify the key organizational levels relevant to inventory management and warehouse management. Describe the  rules applied when creating a linkage between IM and WM processes.Define the four  types of goods movements in the inventory management.Describe the possible scenarios for  stock transfers.Explain the  financial accounting impact of goods movements in the IM.

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