What is your group/team and what is the group/team trying to accomplish?, assignment help

Each of us is part of some type of group or team. You are part of a group/team when you are in class, at work, with your family, at church, in most extracurricular activities, even when you are with friends. Choose any group/team in which you work together with others to accomplish a task and answer the following based on YOUR membership in that group/team:

1. What is your group/team and what is the group/team trying to accomplish?

2. How were the members of your group/team selected?

3. What is your role
(WEEK 4 LECTURE 2, “Effective Member Roles”:Task Roles, Maintenance Roles, Dysfunctional Roles and Formal Team/Meeting Roles) in the group/team?

4. Describe at least two unwritten rules (also known as ‘norms’: an expectation that group members have about how others in the group will think and behave as a group; unwritten rules of group conduct) that exist within your group/team.

5. Which type of Decision-Making Method(WEEK 4 LECTURE 2: Autocratic, Democratic, or Consensus) does your group/team normally use? Describe the process.

6. Using the communication lessons you have learned this week, along with any of the communication lessons you have learned up to this point in our course, what would (or will) you now do differently to help this or any of your groups/teams reach their goals? (Please focus on the communication lessons: for example, while the suggestion to ‘wash your hands before the meeting’ could be valuable, it doesn’t have anything to do with communication.) 200 words

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