What sustainability-related issues are related to the growth and processing of fuel wood

A) Report on life-analysis of burning wood to generate source. For the individual paper, the life cycle

analysis questions should comprise 5 or 6 pages.  For that life cycle analysis, you will report on the

following main inputs and outputs in each phase of this energy source’s “life cycle”:


In doing your analysis of wood as a fuel source, address the following questions.

  •  Describe the processes by which wood as a fuel source is grown and converted into fuel.
  • What sustainability-related issues are related to the growth and processing of fuel wood

What types and amounts of energy or other inputs are needed to convert trees into fuel?

 (This includes land, fuel for forestry equipment, etc.)  What waste or by-products are

generated in the production process?  What are the environmental implications of those

inputs and byproducts?

  • Provide an example of how much woodland is needed to be cut to grow sufficient wood

to be burned to generate electricity for a city of 50,000 people or a larger population.

 How proportion of U.S. electricity needs could be met by using forestland over a 20-year

period without having a net loss of forested land?

  •  How far does firewood-based fuel usually travel from production to point of distribution /

sale?  Are there environmental consequences from this distribution mode?

  •  What is the range of estimates on how much of the U.S. electricity needs could be met,

sustainably over the long-term, by using firewood?  What emissions/byproducts are

produced when wood is used as fuel?  Are there negative environmental consequences

from those emissions?  Under current technology, how do the CO2 emissions from

wood-generated electricity compare to emissions from natural gas?

  • What are the major points of contention regarding the sustainability of reliance on wood

to fuel to generate electricity?

B) Write a one (1)-page summary on whether you think you think wood is a credible, sustainable

future source of energy, based on the current science, and explain why. This means you will first

explain what convinces you it is or is not a credible fuel source and indicate the ways in which this

technology is, and is not, sustainable by your definition.

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