Write a paper based on the 4 P’s of marketing mix, business and finance homework help

In this assignment you will need to research, identify, and discuss what the marketing mix is as well as why it is important to the business. By writing a tradition paper with 800 words that follows a similar outline shown below.

  • Intro
    • What is marketing
    • Why do companies do it?
  • Marketing Mix
    • What is it?
    • Discuss the 4 P’s
      • Each one in detail
      • Discuss how each one affects the marketing mix
    • Why is the marketing Mix important to a business
      • How does it help business
      • What might happen without it
      • Think about an example that related to the marketing mix.
  • Conclusion
    • Wrap up your thoughts
    • You may also want to think about what you found most interesting or most applicable this week in our lesson.

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