Write an analysis of a shopper marketing campaign, drawing on ideas from the whole module

Assignment Write an analysis of a shopper marketing campaign, drawing on ideas from the whole module. Maximum word length: 1000 words Due date: 1pm (1300hrs) on 14th April 2016 Selection of a campaign You may choose any current (in market between February and April 2016) shopper marketing campaign for a product that involves at least one promotional marketing technique and has a widespread retail manifestation (offline and/or online). Please do NOT choose a retailer. You should not choose any campaign that has been discussed during any of the lectures or seminars. Try to choose as ‘big’ a campaign as you can; comprising a number of different communication channel elements. In collecting your campaign, look as widely as you can – TV, You Tube, Google, social media, instore, etc. and record what you can find. I would like to see evidence (photos) that you have been in the field and actually observed your campaign in store. Representations of the campaign will need to be included with your assignment, with brief explanatory labels, which will not form part of the word count. In your preparation for the assignment you should consider a number of possible campaigns and only narrow down your choice once you have given them due consideration. Choose the campaign you feel you can say the most about. Analysis of the campaign Your analysis should clearly demonstrate that you understand the core ideas covered in the five lectures and seminars, but don’t simply write an essay on Promotional Marketing. You should be aiming for an analysis that offers an interesting and insightful commentary on your chosen campaign. You should try to avoid saying rather obvious things about the campaign dressed up in marketing jargon. Rather, you should use the concepts and ideas from the whole module to draw out and explore the elements of the campaign. Do not just produce a long description of the campaign without any analysis. Ask yourself: What are the objectives of the campaign – are they tactical or strategic? Is there an experiential element? What is the particular journey to purchase for this product/service? What touch points have been exploited and why? Which of the other concepts and ideas from the module (particularly Shopper Marketing) are relevant to this campaign How will the shopper react – what is the behaviour change or action required?

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