You are an IT Manager for a team of 11 full-time ITprofessionals (yourself, 2 network administrators

You are an IT Manager for a team of 11 full-time ITprofessionals (yourself, 2 network administrators, 3 systemadministrators, 2 software developers, and 3 “secure closed area”administrators). Your team has been together consistently for 6years, and have a great working relationship. You are also friendsoutside of work, getting dinner together regularly as well asattending other events as a team. Your IT team supports an infrastructure that serves 400employees of a company that performs research and development(known as R&D) for industry and DoD customers. Theinfrastructure is made up of numerous servers in a server room witha hot/cold aisle. File-servers that serve production data, a VMWareESXi cluster, a NetApp SAN, a server that hosts Atlassian products(Confluence, Jira, & BitBucket), a server with a Microsoft SQL2012 R2 database, Cisco Catalyst 3750x switches, and APC PowerDistribution make up the main components of your server room (thereare others, but for the purposes of this discussion, think aboutthose). The Jira instance also serves as a helpdesk ticketingsystem. One of your system administrators and one of your softwaredevelopers come to you to propose a plan to implement a majorchange to your infrastructure. They want to implement a newhelpdesk ticketing system, JitBit. They claim your current Jirahelpdesk system doesn’t have the functionality that they need toserve your internal employees efficiently. A 9 month time toimplement deadline is proposed, and to buy an on-premise version ofJitBit would cost $2,499 annually for enterprise-class support.Currently, Jira costs $2,000 annually for enterprise class support.You would also have to buy a new HP ProLiant DL380 G9 server (costsapproximately $3,000), but you could use the existing SQL Databaseserver. What would be the first thing you ask yourteammates? What would be the second thing you ask yourteammates? What does your gut instinct tell you about this proposedproject? If you were to vote “yes” to accept the proposal, how would youdocument this change to your end users (the 400 people your teamsupports)? OR If you were to vote “no” to declinethis proposal, what do you provide as follow up/justification toyour internal team? Attached

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