10 pages report for Vendor Managed Inventory, management homework help

Team paper for Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Please make a research on Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) then write 10 pages report as following:


A clear statement of the topic you are exploring that should be one-page description of what you wish to address.

And then:

Background to Topic: no more than half a page.

And then:

Answers to some or all of the following questions

    1. Why is this topic important?
    2. What is the scope of the problem or issue?Who does it affect and can you quantify it?
    3. Is there a history to this issue or problem?
    4. What is the underlying idea or philosophy?
    5. If it is a problem has it been solved?What does the solution involve?
    6. Has the solution been implemented?
    7. How successful has the implementation been?Has it changed the way things are done?
    8. What is the current status?
    9. Where are things going?

Find one successful implementation and discuss it. Find one unsuccessful implementation and discuss it. What are the pros and cons?

1 page Summary of the topic your explored and what you learned.

Use sub-sections and sub-headings to organize the report and make it easier to read.

Put these questions above as a title before you start writing.

Use diagrams and schematics as needed.Avoid heavy graphics and cute pictures pulled from the web.

Report must be under 10 pages double-spaced (not including references and any appendixes).Make it look professional.

Spelling and grammar is important

List your reference with URL

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