Argument Summary

I have attached the Partner paper that has to be related to this assignment,

I also attached the Rubric for this assignment.

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Prof. Instructions:

Argument Analysis

Writing viable arguments is often based on how well we understand the arguments made by others, in this case our classmates. Summarizing arguments leads to better understanding for readers and also helps authors see how someone unfamiliar with the topic receives her/his argument. If the summary of our partner does not match what we hope they take away from our paper, then we can see specifically what parts of our argument are weak and what we need to improve as we work toward our final papers.

For this assignment you will need to find your review partner, download or read her/his Toulmin essay, and then write a one-page, single-spaced summary of the main argument. Your essay should have a clear introduction, a body (in which you detail the author’s argument) and a conclusion that summarizes the author’s main points. Please be specific in your analysis and write it in a formal, scholarly tone.

 For examples, please look at the UMN Writing Center at: (Links to an external site.)


One-page, single-spaced analysis of your partner’s Toulmin Argument

12-Point Times New Roman Font

Professional Tone

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