bus302 week 5 discussion RESPONSE j.g.

Please respond to this post in 5 sentences or more.

I chose the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company

According to the website https://www.sec.gov/news/pressrelease/2015-38.html. Goodyear failed to prevent or detect more than $3.2 million in bribes during a four- year period due to inadequate FCPA compliance controls at its subsidiaries in sub-Saharan Africa. Bribes were generally paid in cash to employees of private companies or government-owned entities as well as other local authorities such as police or city council officials. The improper payments were falsely recorded as legitimate business expenses in the books and records of the subsidiaries, which were consolidated into Goodyear’s book and records.

Goodyear could have avoided this situation by going through the proper channels, and the doing things the legit way. They could have trained employees on not accepting bribes,or offering bribes. Also on bookkeeping , you should always make sure your records are accurate If the company wanted to prevent any of this, they should have trained their employees on the policies and procedures. It all comes down to doing the right thing.

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