Compare and contrast two different art periods. 

Final Art Project For Art Appreciation DUE BY 11PM


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Part I: Compare and contrast two different art periods.

Describe each art period completely and fully. Be sure to describe some of the historical happenings going on in the world during that time and how they affected the artwork that was produced. Include a section on how one art period reflected and/or influenced the other. Remember each art period had some influence on the art movements that followed. Include known artists for each period and explain how his/her artwork could have contributed to the overall style of the period. Additionally, choose five art elements and five design principles that you wish to highlight. Include one work of art for each term and provide a brief explanation as to how the chosen work of art showcases the term you are describing. Look for exemplary examples that easily demonstrate each art element and design principle (Example: choosing the School of Athens by Raphael to demonstrate linear perspective).

Part II: Tell me your story…

Pick your favorite art period and create an original art piece that stylistically compliments that period. You may do this in the medium of your choice (Example: choosing Gothic art and creating a faux stained glass window, using scraps of colored paper). Explain and analyze your artwork; this should be a personal statement of your work…what does it illustrate, what is its significance to you, etc. For those of you who fear that you are artistically challenged, don’t worry! The skill level of your art has no bearing on your ability to create a wonderful piece. Be creative, the possibilities are endless!

Part III: Personal Reflection:

What can art be linked to? v Illustrate, in your own way, how art is linked to another aspect of culture. We have had numerous debates this semester on how art can be connected back to several other things in life. For example, we discussed how some Greek and Roman artists used very specific calculations to create “perfect” proportions in sculpture and architecture, thus linking art to mathematics. Use your imagination and find a way to associate art with something in our culture that interests you. If you like music, seek out ways to link art with music. If you enjoy science, experiment with the scientific methods behind artists’ creations. If religion is your main focus in life, look for ways that your spirituality is deepened through artistic expression. The list goes on…this is your chance to shine, play to your strengths!

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