Deforestation and Amazon Rainforest

Deforestation and Amazon Rainforest
Argumentative Research Paper using the APA style of documentation.
The scope of the research topic is narrow enough to handle the subject matter effectively
The writer remains focused on the purpose of the paper
The writing is well-organized
Central points are made in each paragraph. Each paragraph includes a clear topic sentence
Research is drawn from researched articles (Research is drawn from the literature (i.e., peer-reviewed articles) and an in-depth analysis of at least six (6) research articles with no more than one non-juried/non-refereed Internet site being used.)
The writer clearly presents contrary opinions about his/her thesis statement
The writer used quotation, summary and paraphrasing skills in providing information
The writer relies on objective data to support his/her final claim
The writer provides enough information for the audience to understand each argument or claim
Conclusion contains a summary of the findings and possible recommendations for future research
The writer supports generalizations effectively with vivid details and vivid examples
The paper is in APA style form
The paper includes a one paragraph abstract
The paper includes a thesis statement which expresses the over-arching point of the research paper
There is an attention-getter to capture the reader’s interest at the beginning of the paper

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