How do we teach adolescents to communicate effectively?

How do we effectively communicate WITH adolescents? (in families, in schools, in the media, etc.)

How do we teach adolescents to communicate effectively? 

You will need to do some research on adolescent communication. Learn strategies, what works, what doesn’t work, skills. After doing the research, write about the strategies YOU believe are most important in answering the two questions. 

This is a THOUGHT paper, not a research paper. The work and thoughts presented are to be your own. While reading research articles will most certainly help you (and I HIGHLY encourage you to read them), they are just to be used to inform you on the topic. One or two BRIEF quotes or references are acceptable (and should be cited), but no more, and they are certainly not required. You are welcome and encouraged to use your own experiences and observations to validate your opinions. 

The response should be 3 pages (at least), single-spaced, 12pt font, 1″ margins. Proofread for spelling and grammar. This is a 5000-level course, paper should reflect that level of writing, analysis, and comprehension.

Here are some articles to help in research:

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