Identify specific nursing interventions and the ethical reasoning that supports those interventions

Case Essay

  Individual Ethics Case Study

There are 2 parts to your final paper which is based on the novel My Sister’s Keeper.An ethical dilemma exists when 2 opposing moral values/obligations collide. (Sara, the parent, determined to save her daughter Kate’s life and Kate’s sister Anna, conceived to be Kate’s life line, feeling abandoned and invisible). In My Sister’s Keeper there are several ethical questions that arise throughout the book that force the reader to ponder which obligation deserves to be observed while the other is ignored or marginalized.

Part 1: Identify these ethical dilemmas and their key issues. In a clear and concise manner make recommendations using what you have learned about moral theories and principles. For example, you may recommend that Anna be granted her emancipation request because she demonstrates a clear understanding of the situation (demonstrates capacity) and as a 14-year-old has an emerging autonomy that needs to be sure to cite your references.

Part 2: Very little is said in the novel concerning the times that Anna interacts with health care personnel, nor about the nurses that took care of Anna at various points of her medical journey. Using the nursing competencies in your text book as a framework, identify specific points in time that you feel were opportunities when a nurse may have intervened to positively influence the situation. Identify specific nursing interventions and the ethical reasoning that supports those interventions.


*** Length: At least 3 pages, not including title page or references, no longer than 6 including title page & references.

***Your paper needs to be a minimum of 750 words but cannot exceed 1,250.

***Use the third person whenever possible and avoid using the first person and private opinions. 

***Support your thoughts by using the principles and theories.

***Be sure to write an introductory paragraph that sets the ground work for what you will say in your paper. 

*** All references used must be cited using proper APA format.

It is very important that you follow APA format when writing your paper. 

*** Please include a title page & headers. An abstract is not necessary.  Follow a logical format starting with an introductory paragraph and ending with a summary paragraph.

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