I’m an experienced freelancer Writer and Editor in copy writing,


I’m an experienced freelancer Writer and Editor in copy writing, editing, SEO optimization, proofreading, research, long tail articles, reviews, branding, cover letter, CVs and business plans. My previous workings have been published both online and in print by the many individuals, organizations and companies have worked with from all over the globe.

I am a capable and professional writer whose objective is to bring edging perspective and freshness to stories, website re-writes, biographical information, games projects, business plans, resumes and many more. I have no room for mistakes in my articles content and do focus on my client’s desire and expectations. In whichever format you demand, from a snappy article to technical documentation then I’m here to bring it to your desired standard.

My flexible schedule and dedication enables me to complete projects within stringent time frames and ahead of timeline. I strive for excellence and quality in everything that I do and would love to take on your project. Once you give it onto me, be ready to receive what you anticipated since your choice to bank on me motivates me each and every second. I’m looking forward to work with you. Your rejoinder is highly welcomed.

Thank you and please feel free to contact me.

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