ISYS254 – Applications Modelling and Development – MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY Macquarie University Request

ISYS254 – Applications Modelling and Development – MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY

Macquarie University Request Efficient Response Management System (MURMERS)

The Office of Facilities Management (OFM) provides “environmentally sustainable, high quality facilities and services to our customers in a professional, courteous and cost effective manner which enhances the University's image of being a University of distinction” ( Within their responsibilities, OFM manages cleaning and maintenance; general space management including refurbishments and planning new spaces; preparation and distribution of information relating to campus maps, public transport and parking options; casual room bookings & room hire; class and room timetabling; campus safety and security and lost property; and, not least of all, sustainability.

To achieve their goals and fulfilling their role within the university, OFM must keep track of requests for services and ensure that they are dealt with in a timely manner. You have been asked to develop a system, to be known as Macquarie University Request Efficient Response Management System (MURMERS) that will allow requests for services to be efficiently handled.

The system will need to keep track of who requested the service, the nature of the request, allocation of resources to respond to and/or carry out the request, when the service is due, estimates of time needed and any overdue services. MURMERS will need to provide reports such as a daily request list or an overdue request exception report and generate email/SMS request messages for urgent requests.

MURMERS will not replace other systems used by OFM such as the timetabling or room booking systems or university-wide systems such as HROnline (Human Resource Management/Payroll system). However, MURMERS will need to interface to some existing systems. For example, to determine which staff are available (i.e. not on leave) and assign them to handle a request, MURMERS will need to talk to HROnline.

Task 1: Requirements engineering :

Suggest and describe techniques for gathering requirements (e.g. surveys, interviews, JAD, user stories, etc) that are appropriate to the problem you are trying to solve. Say why you suggested those (and not others).

Describe the requirements elicitation, specification and validation you have actually done to identify and specify the user stories. What data did you collect and how did you use it?

Specify the requirements using user stories. Ensure you identify each of the users and provide at least 2 user stories for each user. Write user stories (As a , I want ….>, [so that …..].

Task 2: System engineering (high-level) design and context diagram :

Draw a Context diagram (level 0 Data Flow Diagram) which depicts data flows, the system scope and entities.

Outline the system you envisage (that is, how will the software relate to other parts of the system such as people, hardware, processes/work activities and data) and other systems in the organisation. Diagram/s may help depict your ideas. What level of management and decision-making is related to this system?

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