lib 107, project make a bibliography as a blog

Project #3: Make a Bibliography as a Blog

  • Due Monday by 11:59pm
  • Points 500
  • Submitting a website url
  • Available after Jul 10 at 9am

Select one of the topics that you outlined in Project #2.

You will develop an annotated bibliography of resources that can be used for researching that topic. A bibliography is a list of resources and an annotation is a brief description of an item or resource. Therefore, an annotated bibliography is a list of resources with a description of each resource. Look at the Bibliographies & Style Guides resource from this week’s module for more guidance.

Each annotation must have a brief summary of the resource (an indication of why you feel it is good and brief information about the author(s) and their background). Your opinion of why it is a good resource should be based on why others should value or trust the information not just why you like it. You are creating a list that other students could use to research the same topic.

Your bibliography must contain:

  • 5 articles. Look for information about the author(s) at the top or bottom of the articles. If there is nothing, look for information about them on the Internet.
  • 5 books. You do not need to read the book, but look for materials in library catalogs and on websites with information about the book and author(s).
  • 5 websites. This must be an entire web site or a very large section of a website and not just one or two pages. The websites must also contain information themselves and not just be links to other web sites. The website must also have information about its author(s), therefore, you cannot useWikipedia for any of your websites.

Your bibliography will have 15 resources and each resource must be annotated.

Your bibliography will be presented on the Web as a blog. If you’ve never created a blog before, I recommend using Blogger, which is owned by Google. The address for Blogger (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Blogger is free and fairly easy to use and they provide quite a bit of help in learning to use it. As an AVC student you already have a Google (gmail) account which also gives you a Blogger account. For this assignment, you just need to start using it.

There are a number of help guides and training materials at the Blogger site to help you get started. Please make sure to use them. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

If you are experienced making blogs using another blogging service (such as LiveJournal, TypePad,Tumblr, etc.), you may use that instead. I only recommend Blogger because I’m familiar with it, it’s connected to your AVC account, and it provides good training materials.

You need to get an early start on this to make sure you complete your assignment by the due date, especially if you need time to learn how to use Blogger. Remember that Project #3 is worth 500 points which is equal to Projects #1 & #2 combined.

To encourage you to get started, you must create a blog account and a starter bibliography of at least two citations (just citations, not annotations) by Monday, July 17th. I’m only interested in having you get an account and get started using the software. If you do not make this deadline, you will loose 50 points from your final project. This is 10% of the total points available for the project (500), which is equivalent to a letter grade.

I have posted an example of a bibliography on Blogger for you at this (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. When you view it, you should pay close attention to four specific aspects of the bibliography:

  • The citations are all properly formatted (in this example, MLA, but you may use that or APA).
  • Background information about the author(s) of each work is provided.
  • The list is made only of resources that are recommended with an explanation of the recommendation.
  • The annotations are well written. It is very important for this assignment that you pay attention to the quality of your writing as it will affect your score much more compared to Projects #1 & #2. Please make use of the AVC Writing Center. Here is a link to their site: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (It is best if you type your bibliography as a word processing document and take it to the Writing Center for assistance in improving it.)

These are the four aspects of your bibliography that will be most important to your final score.

Please make sure to contact me if you have problems using the blogging site and I can help you. However, look through your blog service’s help guides and tutorials before contacting me.

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