How do members provide feedback and information

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Professional Discourse Community Analysis (DCA) Essay Structure

Introduction: Your introduction should provide the following three elements:

· Provide a clear definition of the concept of discourse community in your opening sentence, attributing the definition to Swales (No need to list all 6 points in your intro).

· Identify a specific professional organization and tie it to your specific discipline (major).

· Present a clear thesis about this organization, tying it to Swales, and identifying it as an effective discourse community.

Sample Thesis: According to Swales’ six-point definition, [Organiztion X] qualifies as an example of a professional discourse community. This is the point you will prove in your body paragraphs.

Body Paragraphs: Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence that specifically mentions one of Swales’ six traits of a discourse community (followed by a parenthetical citation):

1. Shared goals

2. Mechanisms for communication (meetings, telecommunications, conversations, newsletters)

3. How do members provide feedback and information (Ex. “How to grow better roses”)

4. Genres of communication: Mention three different genres (types, categories) of writing this group produces (newsletters, scholarly journal articles, trade magazines, blogs, website) and provide one quote from each genre (total of 3 quotes in APA format, 1 para. per genre; 3 paras. total).

5. Shared vocabulary (“lexis”) common words and acronyms.

6. Experts and novice (new) members: Explain new members can learn from experts here

Conclusion: Your conclusion should do three things:

1. Remind the reader of the definition of a discourse community according to Swales (cite).

2. Point out that your chosen professional organization is, according to Swales’ definition, an example of a professional discourse community.

3. Mention the benefits of being a member of this discourse community for members in your field.

Make sure your essay is grammatically and mechanically (spelling and punctuation) correct. Make sure your essay is correctly formatted in proper APA style.

APA Formatting: Title page: Running head: SHORT TITLE; Full Title, Student’s Name, George Mason U______ Signal phrase before quotes: According to Swales (1990), “[quoted material]” (p. 26). Citations (3): ______imbedded (<40 words)_______; block quotes (>40)____________ Include all 3 required elementsin citations: Author’s last name, publication year, p. or para. # Properly formatted separate References page _________________________________

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