NGO Profile need to be complete professionally


This is an assignment about small NGO which works in small villages of Pakistan. I have attached incomplete profile in attached file please read this profile to start this assignment. Also, you need to visit this website as well as visit the Facebook page of this NGO before starting this assignment. You have to write a professional profile so check incomplete profile to get some ideas about the NGO’s work. In attached profile, there are only some ideas about projects which you have to complete carefully. Especially, Completed Projects, Current Projects and Future Projects. Do not worry about photos, I will add photos myself later but if you add related photos so it will easy for me to understand profile. I have to update after completion of this assignment. 

When you complete this profile then write a beautiful message from Founder of this NGO to the public in a new file.

If you need any information contact me so I can help you. My reply can be late but you do not have to stop to write.


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