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250 words 1 reference (from link provided) MUST HAVE IN-TEXT CITATIONS THAT MATCH REFERENCE
In response to DBP # 3 (VA Rule) one of your colleagues posted the authors of the articles are using scare tactics instead of evidence …to sway public opinion. A few weeks ago there was a Facebook post by the ASA circulating that used the same tactics. I opened and read the comments from the public. It was sad how misinformed they [are]. Many of the comments [described] CRNAs [as] inferior and providing poor care. In order to combat this [attitude] I believe the CRNA associations need to start writing and circulating the research articles to prove otherwise.
Additionally a CRNA recently posted the following on the AANA’s Connect All Member Community: …I asked four well-educated non-medical people at a dinner party if they would rather have a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist or an Anesthesia Assistant do their anesthesia for surgery. After a few minutes of debate they decided the Anesthesia Assistant works directly with the Anesthesiologist so he/she probably knows more than the Nurse…
Please take time to peruse the AANA Foundations website: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
What opportunities do you see for you as a student to participate?
Please explore the Publications and Abstracts link: What gaps in the literature do you notice?
Please explore the Research link: What recommendations would you make to address your colleague’s point regarding the need for more CRNA research?

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