The focus of the assignment is theCommunity of San Pablo City
Key points should be metioned in the slides via bullet points
Each slide should have speaker notes lasting about a paragraph ( 5 sentences or more)
Last Slide should list all refernces using APA format – Pls be sure that format is done correctly as points will be deducted
I would like for each topic to fit on one slide making the entire assignment 3 slides including the reference slide APA format
Primary language: Is this a communication barrier? English / spanish
Educational levels: For geopolitical communities use and compare the city in which your community belongs with the national statistics.
o Educational offerings (in-services continuing education GED etc.) Salem County vo-tech / Adult education classes
o Educational mandates (yearly in-services continuing education English learners etc.)
o Special education programs (e.g. learning disabled emotionally disabled physically disabled and gifted)
Library or computer/Internet resources and usage.
Funding resources (tuition reimbursement scholarships etc.). Hospital offers tuition reimbursement

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