OPENING CASE A Disturbance in the Workforce and om in Olanda Honda entered the company’s with a

OPENING CASE A Disturbance in the Workforce and om in Olanda Honda entered the company's with a hand l ing one person “Tough times,” he says, “will cause people to do crazy things.” Smith and they are and the though he wa s forts met behehe edhe According to the US Department of Labor the incidence of place wilence has actually been trading down over past few years in part because oyers have and to the poem and t h e prevent and more comfort m e nce programs to help worden deal with wou sources of stress e t LAP providersport the current of economic they're being asked to deal with a different set of problem than those they've typically handled in the past In parti francial problems have decal problems as employees primary area of concern and with employ i ng high in some industries and in provide with the l and the g rand picture were getting a lot of action people with high degree of Add a mnang Ko r t coming from “There are out there that something on in that somebody Sapanth forget the curity Specialist whose Job now dudes kepingan pon pony dangerous peesoth o r “Tough Choogstand from ured ond with for a whos ben a regular qu inero Odbout the future that such conto s ing deadlines and demanding boses Today Sonda man D ebound career coach and on the job wento nechto al around and workplace during the uncertain economic times There are set no hand data to connect workplace Vio ance with economic downturns out any professionals and other experts in the field are convinced that the connection is real. Comych Corp. EAP provider in Chicago reports that calls are running percent above normal According to kick Kronberg of Perspectives ind another Chicago based CAP who'd been struggling for years with marital and mental health problem unemployment, debt and oldering the was a very wy ng ma'report is former mother-in-law THINK IT OVER 1. Have you ever experienced a case of workplace Violence! 2 Whatron might the ratione play in instigating work place içience? 3 Can the threat of womplace violence ever be completely eliminated Why or why not?

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