Part One will be a book review of 500 words on Bones by Jan Burke.

Part One will be a book review of 500 words on Bones by Jan Burke. I am your audience for Part One. Feel free to give away the ending if necessary to make a point,
Give me a very brief (one paragraph) synopsis of the novel (be sure to include title, author, and award won/nominated for). ( Bones won the Edgar Award in 2000)
Then focus on one of the following issues:
Character of the detective and his/her methods.
Character of the sidekick and his/her role in the story.
Its genre and how it is representative of that genre.
Literary style of author.
Setting, theme, symbol or other significant literary device.
Do not quote the novel at the expense of your own analysis, but do include a few lines from the text to give us an idea of author’s style and/or to support your own claims.
Conclude your analysis by either telling me why I need to read this novel or why I should avoid it.
Remember this is an English class, so yes, grammar, punctuation, documentation all matter! 
Remember to use several paragraphs and please double space. 
Part Two is a very scaled down version of Part One. The purpose of this is for us to expand our reading list. I hope you will read your classmates’ posts and create your own reading list. Your classmates are the audience for Part Two.
You will write one paragraph of at least 150 words that briefly summarizes the novel. DO NOT GIVE AWAY THE ENDING. Be sure to include author, title, date of publication, and award won. Conclude with a few sentences as to why we should or should not read this novel.
You will post this in the Book Review Part Two Discussion. This Discussion is open to the entire class – all 80 of us – and not just your small group. 
I want everyone to have access to this forum so that we can add to our reading list. Make a grumpy old English teacher happy and have a reading list. It is good for you!

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