What, if any policy theory is the current administration applying?

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Deadline: 24hrs

I believe there not correctly connected to instructions and subject and cited properly  ..so work on that

Citation: APA



How or what policy theory would you employ FOR or AGAINST the use of handcuffs in elementary/middle school or a public policy challenge of your choice?

Submit your chain of public servants. This is the line or path one would embark on to make the policy change that you would propose from above. From closest/ lowest service official to The President.


What, if any policy theory is the current administration applying?(assignment 3)

The assignment should be about the The effect of (DACA) Dreamers on the U.S. Economy and what policy the current administration (TRUMP’s ADMINSTRATION) as applying as compared with the OBAMA ADMINSTRATION

One-two page detailed essay explaining your analysis using APA format.

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