Poster advocating for weight lifting, marketing homework help

I wrote the essay i was asked to write (20%) but i do not know how to make a poster for the “other genre” part (10%).

I want a creative poster advocating for my topic in a mixture of pictures and words.

i have a bad rough draft included in the last page but you are by no means supposed to follow it.

you can make it using anything, Photoshop, Video Editing etc…

a comic strip, an infographic, a short podcast or video, a short story, a petition, a campus newspaper editorial, a poster, a series of social media posts. anything you like.

Please make sure you follow the grading criteria:

• Specific Thesis (30%) The “other genre” advocates a specific, thesis related to Essay 6, but composed using the most effective conventions of its genre (for example, if composing a short video, using succinct captions or a voiceover).

• Focused and Organized Development (40%) The “other genre” possesses an organization that communicates the thesis at the same time it supports and develops the thesis to a degree and using the conventions most effective for the genre.

• Source Use (30%) The “other genre” uses some or all of your Essay 6 sources, either directly or reflected indirectly, drawing on the conventions most effective and ethical to the genre.

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