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Sales Test #1

We’re going to give you two different scenarios, please respond to each of the following customers:

1. This lead has seen a demo of Jazva and they are interested.

The Company would require a minimum monthly fee of $1200 for this customer. You have quoted them $2000.

You know that this potential customer is quite busy and rarely answers the phone, however he’s very responsive via email.

Hi there,

We are very interested in the product, we think it could potentially be a fit for our business. But you know, I didn’t like that way you created orders in the system, and I’m not sure that I’m going to use all of your functionality.
So I was wondering how much wiggle room do we have? My margins are already very low and this is a new added cost. What’s the best we can do here? Realistically coming into this, my budget was $1000/mo. Now, I see the value in the software, I’m just not sure I can do double my original budget.

Work with me, I’ll be a great, loyal customer for a long time. If we can agree, I’m ready to sign up this week.

-John Doe


2. This customer reached out to you instead of their account manager. They are threatening to cancel. What are your actions?


Unfortunately this email isn’t the best of messages.

I’m very concerned with the amount of errors and bugs recently in this new version of the software. Its causing me to lose a lot of time in going back and fixing things, or calling your team to help me out. Its gotten overwhelming over the past couple of days and if this continues for another week, I’m gone. We WILL cancel our agreement.

I wanted to let you know very transparently where we stand. Please make the appropriate parties aware.

-Angry Customer

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