Psychology Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Ageing

You will need to complete a series of short answer questions that pertain to Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Ageing . Please number each question clearly and provide references for your answers. The references need to be set reading provided + supporting references if required.. Please use APA 6th . In Txt reference is to include page numbers (900 words)
4. Do the results of the paper by Cummings et al. reveal that young women are more or less anxious about ageing than young men?
5. According to the article by Laditka et al., what do adults fear most about ageing?
6. In the article by Laditka and colleagues what is the stated rationale as to why it is important to determine variation in the understanding of successful ageing?
7. According to Laditka et al, what do Chinese participants value most with respect to ageing?
8. What is the relationship between Modernisation and ageing as articulated in the article by McConatha et al.?
9. According to McConatha et al., what are the impacts of a collectivist culture on ageing?
10. According to McConatha et al., do men or women experience more ageism? What impact does this have on the self-perception of this group?

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