thius is the case stuy: from here answer the Qustion for mor info see the attached;

in the city, was found to have manipulated an election that permitted removing the state limits on the pay of the city staff and the part-time, elected city council members. Gottlieb and Vives reported that the city manager, Robert Rizzo, was paying himself $800,000 annually, the police chief $457,000 annually, and the part-time city council members more than $100,000 each annually. In addition there were numerous illegal payments, loans, and exorbitant pension plans.

Making defensible ethical decisions in the government of the City of Bell would have been extremely difficult because both the structure and culture of the organization were oriented toward squelching any decisions or conduct that impeded the continuation of the corrupt practices. This case is a vivid example of why the design approach is important and sometimes essential. Following the scandal the city government was restructured, new staff members were recruited, and new city officials were elected. Bell is redesigning itself to encourage and support ethical decision making and conduct rather than impeding it.

1.     Ethical Principles it supports or violates:


2.     Rehearsal of Defense: how would you defend that solution?


3.     Self-Appraisal it supports or violates:


4.     Solution Two: WRITE IT HERE:

5.     Moral Rules it supports or violates:


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