Signature Assignment: Instructional Plan and Presentation The Instructional Plan and Presentation…

Signature Assignment: Instructional Plan and Presentation

The Instructional Plan and Presentation project provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate instructional design knowledge. You will design and create an instructional plan that includes the following components: goals, objectives, instructional strategies, activities, timeline and details for implementation, and an evaluation overview.

Part I

Select a course or training session you would likely be responsible for planning for your workplace or for a workplace with which you are familiar.

Create a graphic organizer, outline, table, or paper that includes all of the following elements regarding your course or training session:

The specific name and title of the course or training session

A description and purpose of the selected course or training session

The target audience: conduct an audience analysis and then describe the characteristics of the target audience

Length of course or training session

Two to four goals for your course or training session based on your course or training session description

Part II

Write 1 to 3 learning objectives that align with each of your stated goals in Part I.

Format your assignment with one of the following: graphic organizer, outline, table, or paper.

Include the following elements:

The defined goals

The objectives for each goal written in the A-B-C-D format

Descriptions of instructional strategies and activities you will use in the course ortraining session

Descriptions of instructional technologies you will use in the course or training session

Part III

Create a plan for designing and implementing course or training session.

Include the following:

Resources needed and materials that must be prepared

Total length of time your course or training will take

Individuals involved (facilitator, learners, administrators) with implementation

Details of how your plan will be implemented

How you will communicate the training/course to participants including specific timelines and schedules

How you will engage learners during the training/course

How you will know participants are learning during the session. What formative assessments will you use?

Part IV

Describe evaluation instruments that must be created.

Describe the criteria you will use to determine whether participants met the learning goals and objectives.

Compile your completed instructional plan as follows:

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV


Construct a 15 slide Microsoft ® PowerPoint ® presentation that addresses each of the parts of your instructional plan. The presentation must be appropriate to the speaker’s audience and must include main ideas on the slides, details in the speaker notes, and citations to references that adhere to APA formatting.

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