Skilled nursing facility inspections

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this is the question of the homework:
Skilled nursing facility inspections findings from 2015-2017 – what
are the ratings and standings from a nationwide perspective. Are
there any changes? If so, why?
This project focuses on examining inspection findings of skilled nursing facilities in the United States from 2015 – 2017. A skilled nursing facility, commonly known as a nursing home, is a healthcare institution that provides the availability of nursing care 24 hours a day to help individuals with whatever needs they may have. This study addresses the changes in inspection outcomes occurring in skilled nursing facilities over a three-year span from 2015-2017. Possible causes for these changes are identified in this study, as well as the most common violations across the nation.
24 hour nursing care – skilled nursing facility; full time
Are deficiencies increasing or decreasing?
Who does the inspections?
Resources: WHCA and Aging

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