use the statistical knowledge and scientific writing skills acquired in this course to complete the Signature Assignment (Mock Study

Section: Quantitative Research and Signature Assignment
For this assignment, you will use the statistical knowledge and scientific writing skills acquired in this course to complete the Signature
Assignment (Mock Study). Carefully review the information provided about the mock study, and then address each assignment requirement.
You are the Director of Institutional Research at a small state university and you have been given the task of gathering information for the
Dean of the School of Education regarding the performance of its undergraduate students on the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). Data on six
variables were collected: gender, overall grade point average (GPA), major GPA, GRE scores in major area, GRE quantitative, GRE verbal,
and type of preparation programs. The university is dedicated to maximizing student success on the GRE. The university has established
five different options for students to prepare for the GREs: option 1 = completely online asynchronous prep course, 2 = completely online
synchronous prep course, 3 = complete a hybrid prep course with a combination of online and face to face; 4 = complete a traditional
instructor-led prep course, and 5 = self-paced paper-based prep course.
The Dean has simply said to you, “Tell me what works best and for whom?” You decide to establish a pilot study with 50 randomly selected
general science education seniors to determine the details of the methodology as well as to provide some initial data and corresponding
results to learn if the research plan meets the Dean’s needs. The pilot study needs to contain the following components written in APA
Part 1:
Develop a clear purpose statement sentence capturing the essence of the intent of the pilot study.
Develop a brief introduction including three research questions (with the use of corresponding symbols or Q1., Q2., Q3.) related to the
purpose of the pilot study.
For each of the three research questions, develop a null and alternative hypothesis (with the use of corresponding symbols or Ho1:,
Ha1, Ho2:, Ha2:, Ho3:, Ha3:).
Using a statistical decision chart similar to Gragetter and Wallnau (2013) Chapter 19, select the appropriate statistical test/analysis for
each research question. Briefly explain the choices for each research question.
Conduct each analysis using SPSS on the SPSS data set developed in the Create a Mock Data Set in Week 7. The output of those
tests should be placed in an Appendix for the final report to the Dean.
Present and discuss the findings (as related to each research question and the fail to reject or rejection of each null hypothesis) in APA
Report appropriate descriptive results.
Present the results in a logical fashion, answering the research questions and testing the hypotheses as stated and in an appropriate
manner for the type of data collected.
. Identify the assumptions of statistical tests, explain the conducted tests to determine whether those assumptions were met, and discuss
any violations of those assumptions.
Make decisions based on the results of the statistical analysis, such as whether the results were statistically significant, and include
relevant test statistics and p values.
Refer to the APA Manual for guidance on how to present the results in the text, tables, and/or figures.
Present sufficient information so the Dean can make independent judgments about the findings.

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