Write to your employees announcing the opening for a supervisor position within your company.

Choose two of the following situations and construct a memo, e-mail, letter, or verbal response to the audience assigned. You must choose a situation from two different categories. Be sure to use an appropriate strategy around which to build your message. You may include follow-on questions in your responses. In each case please include a description of the approach, method, or strategy used in your response. Remember to justify your responses with references from the lecture, textbook, personal experiences, etc.
Write to your employees announcing the opening for a supervisor position within your company.
Write to your stock holders informing them of a new satellite location of your office that will be opening next year in Detroit, Michigan.
Write to a customer who has won the company’s monthly drawing. Decide what she has won and how to claim the prize.
A customer has written to your company asking for a replacement for a product he believes is defective. Write back to him and let him know that your company will not be replacing the broken item.
Write a letter to a recent interviewee, and let him or her know he/she has not been chosen for the position.
Write a message to one of your employees explaining why instant messenger will no longer be loaded on company computers.
Write to your sales team persuading them to sign up for a course in Photoshop; it will be tuition-free and offered on company time.
Write a letter to a prospective customer explaining why your business or service is the one he or she should use.
Write a letter to your supervisor persuading him/her to financially support your attendance to a training conference.
Verbal Response [These are listening scenarios, so imagine you are hearing an employee verbalize the sentence, and respond appropriately]
“Why do we have to learn this new procedure? The old one was working just fine.”
“I have not been able to finish the project you asked me to complete; I am too busy.”
“This is not part of my job.”
“I do not think you understand how to complete this project.”
“I really do not want to be on his team; Joe always takes over and doesn’t listen to anyone’s ideas.”

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