Applying A Personality Framework To The Hiring Process (Power Point)

Unit 4 Assignment Details

Applying a Personality Framework to the Hiring Process

In the near future, your company will be expanding its customer service department and you will be hiring 50 new employees. As HR manager, you have read about other companies using a personality framework for hiring. You are aware of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and the Big Five Model used for identifying and classifying traits. Your Director has asked you to research the two frameworks and create a presentation. You need to address the following:

· Based on your research, choose a framework and explain how applying it to the hiring process can be used to select a candidate?

· What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the framework you chose for hiring?

Create a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation (not including a title slide and a reference slide). Use Designing an Effective PowerPoint presentation template found in the Writing Center as a guide. To prevent your slides from being crowded, please use speaker notes to explain the slides in more detail.

Access the rubric and submit your response to the Assignment Dropbox.Unit 4 [MT302: Organizational Behavior]

Grading Rubric Percent possible

Points possible

Points Earned Comments

Content per Checklists 100% 50 Answer provides complete information demonstrating analysis and critical thinking:


1. Choose a framework and explain how applying it to the hiring process can be used to select a candidate. Conducts outside research.


2. Explains the advantages of using this framework for hiring. 10

3. Explains the disadvantages of using this framework for hiring. 10

Subtotal: 40

Provides a minimum of 10 PowerPoint slides excluding title and reference slides. PowerPoint is professional in appearance, easy to read, and uses correct grammar and spelling.

20% 10

Percent Total

Points possible

Your Assignment Score: 100% 50

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