ASSIGNMENT 1 – INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT PROJECT MANAGEMENT BODY OF KNOWLEDGE Problem and Background Within the Project Management discipline, there are a number of sectors, such as Information Technology, Engineering, Construction, Business, Administration and so on. Each category has its uniqueness and knowledge, skill and applications of PMBOK exclusive to each category has been made available in the market place over the years. These knowledge, skill and applications are very vital in all respects and still there is a lot of work to be done in the industry for the successful deliver of projects.. Managing projects requires, ideally knowledge, skill and applications to support project processes in addition to Project Planning and Controlling. To name a few: • Civil Construction • Building Construction • Infrastructure Construction • Event Management • Sport and Recreation Projects. • Water Supply and Irrigation • Information Technology Projects • Software Development. • Others It is important to recognise that the managing project must embrace the above-mentioned processes. The Project Management Framework that support these processes must be integrated in order to for the project success. The Assignment and Deliverables Each student is required to pick one of the Project Management Knowledge area for further investigation for the construction industry or other areas of the sector. Investigate various tools and techniques that are available, that support project processes for the specific category in ONE of the following areas within the industry. The investigation must include a case study of the chosen Knowledge area. • Scope Management • Time Management • Cost Management • Quality Management • Procurement Management • Communication Management • Resource Management • Integration Management • Stakeholder Management

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