Cross-Sex Friendships

Assessment (Cross-Sex Friendships)

Attached is a chapter from our textbook about interpersonal communication. You’re required to complete the assessment on pages 271 and 272 in Chapter 10.

Do this Assessment BEFORE reading the chapter

Complete the assessment on a separate piece of paper and score your assessment. Then, READ the chapter.

Then, after reflecting on your results from the Assessment, and considering what you’ve now learned about cross-sex friendships and the challenges faced after reading the Chapter, write a 1 page, double-space, typed, Times New Roman, 12 pt font reflection.  This can be about anything pertaining to the assessment and the reading.  Here are a few questions to help you reflect…

Were your results surprising? Not surprising?What might this tell you about your actions in your cross-sex friendship(s)?What were the reasons you chose to keep your cross-sex friendship platonic?  Why?  Did this surprise you?  What did you learn?

DUE DATE: Tuesday, March 6th, 12PM (Los Angeles Time Zone)

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