Discussion Questions FIN571, business and finance homework help

Please make answers at least 150 words and use scholarly references and cite in apa format.

Question 1:

Explain what is meant by bootstrapping when raising seed financing and why bootstrapping is important. Describe the role of venture capitalists in the economy and discuss how they reduce their risk when investing in start-up businesses. Find (via the Internet) and discuss a company that used angel funding or venture capital.

Question 2:

Optical Supply Company offers credit terms of 2/10, net 60. If Optical Supply is considering a change in its credit terms to one of those indicated below, explain whether each change would increase or decrease sales.

  • 2/10, net 30; (b) net 60; (c) 3/15, net 60; (d) 2/10, net 30, 30 extra.

Question 3:

Identify the three elements which make up the terms of sale.

Question 4:

What factors influence when credit should be granted and the length of the credit period offered to customers?

Question 5:

Explain the ABC and Economic Order Quantity Model in inventory management.

Question 6:

Describe the uses and sources of cash.

Question 7:

Describe the uses and sources of cash.

Question 8:

Describe the characteristics of the operating cycle and the cash cycle.

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