Health Application

Personal and Community Health

Dr. Holt Application #7

Morgan State University

Good health during childhood years (age 1-9) is essential for each child’s optional development and America’s future. America cannot hope for every child to become a productive manner of society if children in this country are allowed to grow with poor or mediocre child care, have no health insurance, live in poverty, or live in a violent environment

The federal government has more than 35 health programs within 16 different agencies helping states to serve the needs of our nation’s children. The majority of these programs is well respected and helps meets the needs of many children


The cost of treating Joan’s infant could run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and there is no guarantee that the child will survive. In your application answer the following questions…

Do you think it would be more cost effective to ensure prenatal care to all women or to continue under the statement that is in place now. Explain in detail your position.

Give 2 suggestions on how you would suggest the United States should approach the problem

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