Industrial And Hazardous Waste Management


Industrial And Hazardous Waste Management

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Consider that in your process design work for this unit you are still attempting to reduce the constituents of concern (analytes on the lab report of your course project) to meet the local limits as an influent for the municipal wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). You have effectively engineered both a physical and chemical treatment into your system design during Unit II and Unit III. In this unit, you are considering the difficult process of engineering a biological treatment (secondary treatment) process into your treatment design. Two of the most relevant aspects of secondary treatment are aerobic treatment and anaerobic treatment. Consider Bahadori’s (2014, pp. 104-107) comments regarding the need for these two different treatment processes to be operated in tandem within a system.

Using Bahadori’s (2014, pp. 105-106, 108) Table 4.3 and Table 4.4 as guides, what are the significant benefits and limitations of both aerobic and anaerobic treatment strategies?

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