keep doing wiz our RS 210 paper that is essay 0 as instruction wroteuse simple words and sentence to wrote, basic level . due within 30 hoursfor this ass instruction:Essay 1: When you revise your Essa

keep doing wiz our RS 210 paper that is essay 0 as instruction wrote

use simple words and sentence to wrote, basic level . due within 30 hours

for this ass instruction:

Essay 1: When you revise your Essay 0 to produce Essay 1, be open to making major changes in your paper. For example, you might reverse the order of paragraphs or sentences, introduce new arguments or examples, delete or add large sections of text, use thoughts from your Essay 0 conclusion as part of your new introduction if they are more helpful there, or even change your thesis to a different one. Also, think about the points we discussed in class: 

–To begin your paper, you need to provide context for an audience consisting mostly of strangers to this topic and to you. For example, you might mention that a few paths to wellbeing are currently debated — in the United States, at least. Or you might remind readers how old the question of happiness is. Let the reader know why your topic even matters. 

–In a couple of sentences summarize the approach that you chose to focus on. Imagine you are describing it to a person who knows nothing about it. After encapsulating/stating briefly the message of the approach, tell the reader more. Go into detail, using your own examples and arguments or those of other writers (and give them credit).

— Remember, saying that you very much believe something is not evidence that it is true–especially when the reader doesn’t you! The reader will not think your belief is reasonable without support of some kind. Examples, illustrations, arguments by you or by others, all help convince a reader. Old sayings rarely help convince English-speaking readers; they don’t believe a saying is evidence.

–Be sure to discuss at least one possible criticism of or limitation of the approach. Where is its weakness? To ignore criticisms is to appear afraid of them! Instead, discuss one criticism. You can argue that it is wrong/unfounded and tell why, or you can possibly argue that the limitation is real, but the approach is still helpful, at least to some people. 

–When revising, you should do much more than change those parts where your teacher suggested a change. Instead, reconsider the whole pa

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